flash fiction

The Weaver Of Balliguish

He continues with his toil but, at times, a black look overtakes him and it appears his heart is no longer in his work. What is there to do? Could what was once such a joy to him have become a burden?

An early morning walk

Again, I find myself walking down that particular stretch of pavement. It leads vaguely towards the centre of town. A place I haven’t been for many years. Not if I can help it in any case. Too many dangers. Too many…

Modern Reading

(originally published in Hourglass Literary Magazine     https://hourglassonline.org/news/modern-reading-by-lochlan-bloom) Credit: David Evers There is a group, let us call them the anti-fictionists, that proclaims the death of fiction. They call for an end to the make-believe, the fake, the imaginary. Who needs fiction, these anti-fictionists say, when there is the scientific method, progress, development. We may be …

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Credit: Young-Deok Seo

The Slave Traders

It has been known for several years now that slave traders are operating in this area but despite the best attempts of the police captain and his men it has proven impossible to catch any of them. Some people have blamed this on poor Captain Jacobs himself, suggesting he is corrupt, but this is unfair …

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The Parcel

It is calm, there are no puzzles, the parcel arrives.  It is not so big, perhaps the size of your head. It is a box, a sturdy cardboard box. There is a stamp on it but the postmark is illegible. You pick it up. It is heavy. You shake it — it makes a hissing noise. You …

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