The Wave on #NotTheBooker longlist

Thanks to everyone who has read and supported The Wave so far. Its great to see it longlisted for The Guardian’s‪#‎NotTheBooker‬ prize!

WAve flyerUnlike all the other literary prizes out there the NotTheBooker shortlist is voted by readers so if you are reading this that probably means you.


Voting closes at midnight on 14 Aug so get your vote in quick (and if you are inclined to support The Wave that would be absolutely stonking).


Here are the rules:
• choose two books from the longlist, from two different publishers
• accompany at least one of those votes with a short review.
• It would also be very helpful if you included the word “vote”.

What’s It All About?: On Writing My Debut Novel, The Wave

A short piece on The Wave at Litro Magazine:

Before The Wave was published I assumed the task of “pitching” the novel would end the moment the book was in print. With hardback in hand, I imagined, I could simply point to the blurb on the back and let people go off to make up their own mind. How wrong I was.

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Source: What’s It All About?: On Writing My Debut Novel, The Wave

London launch The Wave @Pages of Hackney, 12th May

The London launch event for The Wave will be on 12 May at Pages of Hackney on Lower Clapton Road.


Join Dead Ink at Pages of Hackney for the launch of Lochlan Bloom’s debut novel, The Wave. You’re invited to join us for some complimentary drinks at one of London’s favourite bookshops to hear Lochlan read and discuss the origins of this original and provocative book. 

WHEN Thursday, 12 May 2016 from 19:00 to 21:00 (BST)

WHERE Pages of Hackney – 70 Lower Clapton Road, London, E5 0RN


More about The Wave


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The Wave has gone to print…

After a few delays getting the right shade of black for the cover, The Wave has finally gone to print. Very excited to see the finished result and launch the book next month. Still finalising details for the launch event but probably somewhere in deepest, darkest Hackney. If you’re interested in coming along or have any suggestions for a venue drop me an email here and I will make sure to keep you updated with dates and times.

The word from Dead Ink is that the real hardbacks are shaping up to look pretty damn fine but in the meantime here is a 3D mockup…The Wavemoc

Guest Author – Lochlan Bloom on Kickstarting Literary Publishing

Guest post is up on Isabel Costello’s super Literary Sofa site…

The Literary Sofa

Today’s post is a great follow-up to Tom Vowler on crowdfunding his collection Dazzling the Gods.  I’m amazed how difficult it is to get any book published but there are certain types of fiction which face additional hurdles due to preconceptions about what readers want.  This can lead to questionable assumptions and self-fulfilling prophesies.  Is everyone’s attention span really so fatally truncated that we can’t choose to filter out distractions and engage with narratives that demand and reward thought and attention? Does the reader/viewer need to have everything laboriously explained? Is it reasonable to claim there’s no market for material that is under-represented/promoted to begin with?

Today’s guest Lochlan Bloom has succeeded in bringing his work to readers by means of a collaborative project I hadn’t heard of beforeiVVz3Fxz.  Here he shares his experience with Publishing the Underground and Dead Ink (my review of his novel The Wave

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Final typesetting for The Wave

I’ve not had time to post as much as I’d like recently but I wanted to share the title page from the final typeset proof of The Wave. Dead Ink have done an excellent job and I cant wait to see it in its physical form.



Everything is now looking pretty finalised and the files should be going to print soon so hopefully the first hardbacks will be coming off the presses in a matter of weeks.

More details to come about the launch but we are aiming to hold it somewhere in central(ish) London in March so keep your eyes peeled if you like either strange, new fiction and/or free wine….



The Wave is published by Dead Ink Books as part of their New Voices series.


Order Now:

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The writing is taut and stylish, the effect immersive and atmospheric: the whole work had something of a Kafka meets David Lynch vibe whilst retaining a distinctive personality of its own.”
~ Isabel Costello, The Literary Sofa






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You can find me on twitter if you’re into that sort of thing: @LochlanBloom


The Open Cage is available now from InShort Publishing

The Open Cage is out now as a limited-edition pocket book.

It looks (and feels) gorgeous and has been released by startup publishing firm InShort Publishing based in Melbourne, Australia. It is one of 18 limited-edition short chapbooks.

The book measures a teeny, tiny 140 x 90mm and at just 27 pages in length is an extremely short read!


Postage is free within Australia, and free for international orders of 5 or more books (currently posting to Europe, North America and New Zealand only).


The Wavemoc

Pre-orders reach 100%

Thanks to everyone that supported PublishingTheUnderground. It was tense as we approached the deadline but we did it in the end and reached 101.60%!

It has been really amazing to see so much interest in The Wave from readers all over the world. Hearing from people with no connection to the project who are interested in reading the book is really motivating and one of the exciting things about this project is that it really does seem to connect with readers in a new way. (more info about The Wave here:

It has been great to be involved with Dead Ink and watch the crowd-funding experiment take off. It reinforces the belief that people are inclined to take risks, they want to read things that challenge them, but too often the traditional model of publishing steers them away from the more challenging choices and just presents the same old ‘tried and tested’ commercial fiction.

Now looking forward to (and busy preparing for) the launch of The Wave in January. If you you know anyone that might be interested in the book or the project please, please do share and I will aim to keep updating via twitter (@lochlanbloomThe Wavemoc