Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets Brazil

cw19A dystopian puzzle of a story set in a future where every problem can be solved with a good night’s sleep … A world governed by vast computers and a utopian democracy…

…but for Jason sleep is the one thing that will never be the same. Firstly there is the dark woman…the alien attacks on the city…his raging hard-on… the ‘vague terror’…  the three doors… and the four towers. If that wasn’t enough it seems a gang of political terrorists want him to join them in smashing the system.

From the lowest depths to the top of society Jason’s path leads him out of the city and back again, a Sisyphean struggle and quite literally the dreams of all mankind.

Some days it would be better to just stay in bed.


Concept art by Michael Zigerlig

Solid Flesh

postcard_solidFeature length script based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Currently in pre-production with Porcelain Film.

When H returns from her studies to find her father dead and her brother, Charlie, set on celebrating she is dragged along in a visceral night of hedonism. Suspicious of her old friends’ motives and uncomfortable to be back she struggles to face up to her unnatural feelings and desires.

With friends and enemies seemingly intent on self destruction and an alcoholic mother, just returned from the sun, H finds herself lost in a mental pit of revenge, deceit and self-doubt. As drink and drugs flow, the sordid past comes back to haunt H and Charlie with the promise of a love they thought had died.


Tense, psychological drama set on the vanishing island of Hildaland.

ORKNEY2Based on half forgotten myths, the story focuses on a crew of fishermen from a disintegrating  community on the West Coast of Scotland.

When divisions in the crew lead to a fatal mistake they are shipwrecked and forced to take refuge on an island. With no trust left between them they are all suspects as one by one they start to die.

Desperate and morally bankrupt, they start to imagine  that they are not alone on the island as an alluring feminine presence draws them deeper into their own dark past and they struggle to survive the bleak Atlantic wind.

Forced to examine the line between retribution and guilt, fact and fiction they realise that some answers are none too easy.

Memory of an Investigation

Short Screenplayproust-thumb

As Antony investigates the disappearance of a girl his memories are called into question – leading to unexpected conclusions.

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