Guest Author – Lochlan Bloom on Kickstarting Literary Publishing

Guest post is up on Isabel Costello’s super Literary Sofa site…

The Literary Sofa

Today’s post is a great follow-up to Tom Vowler on crowdfunding his collection Dazzling the Gods.  I’m amazed how difficult it is to get any book published but there are certain types of fiction which face additional hurdles due to preconceptions about what readers want.  This can lead to questionable assumptions and self-fulfilling prophesies.  Is everyone’s attention span really so fatally truncated that we can’t choose to filter out distractions and engage with narratives that demand and reward thought and attention? Does the reader/viewer need to have everything laboriously explained? Is it reasonable to claim there’s no market for material that is under-represented/promoted to begin with?

Today’s guest Lochlan Bloom has succeeded in bringing his work to readers by means of a collaborative project I hadn’t heard of beforeiVVz3Fxz.  Here he shares his experience with Publishing the Underground and Dead Ink (my review of his novel The Wave

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