Unsound Methods podcast

Unsound Methods is a podcast about writing, where fiction authors Lochlan Bloom and Jaimie Batchan speak to fellow writers about their process, motivations and technique.

Each episode features a different guest author as we delve into the nitty gritty of writing fiction. As writers ourselves, we started Unsound Methods to create something different from the usual publicity mill and talk about process rather than just regurgitating PR for the latest book.

We want to share conversations about the nuts and bolts of writing fiction and explore what makes fiction ‘real’.

Join us as we speak to authors who are pushing the boundaries of fiction and discuss the motivations to sit down in front of an empty page and make things up…

Find out more and subscribe at the Unsound Methods website: https://unsoundmethods.co.uk/

For suggestions, guests, interviewees contact us